The Intersection of Faith and Science

Personally, I believe that faith and science are not incongruous. I feel those that reject science for their religious beliefs are not giving enough credit to either God or science.

In the beginning, there was light. That happens pretty early on in the story of creation. It’s also the very first thing in the widely accepted theory of start of our universe – the big bang. God created humans after everything else – and that tracks with evolutionary biology pretty closely. God created the universe in 6 days – why does that necessarily have to mean 6 human designations of 24hour periods? Why do some people chose to limit God’s time schedule to one revolution of the earth? God is omnipotent, why are we assigning a human time line to creation? If humans were not meant to more deeply understand, God would not have given reason, intellect, critical thinking and free will. These are humanity’s gifts, why eschew them to force limitations on both Science and God? It makes no sense to me.

Several weeks ago a long-time friend went from a walk-in clinic to a coma in a matter of a couple of hours. It was touch-and-go for weeks. She’s been out of the coma for a while now and my mom and a third friend went to Texas to stay with her for a week while her husband came to Michigan to attend to their home fires. While in Texas, she told my mom that she can remember being in the coma. She more or less remembers what was happening around her. She knew everything was wrong.

She was anxious, upset, and afraid. She couldn’t be comfortable. Her body was rebelling against her life and she was not about to check out of this mortal realm.

Z came to her in the hospital and laid with her. She felt immediately calm from the inside. She relaxed. She was comforted and calmed. She started to heal. Z was with her in the hospital bed with her, she knows that with all of the resolution that any of us have about anything we *know* to be true.

It lines up, too, with the prayers of intercession I sent to Z when I found out about the whole coma business.

I frequently ask for intercessions on matters of mortal and spiritual importance. Z and Joe are my go-to for that. Their duties to me physically are gone, but that doesn’t mean they are released from service. They just have to answer me on a different, more universal level. Which, I guess, is a consolation prize. (It still sucks)

I am positive there is a scientific explanation for what she experienced in the hospital. Dr. Amy (non-certified) assumes it was most likely a chemical response to trauma and anxiousness that was relieved with serotonin and other self-soothing chemicals that get released in the body as a reflex to increased physical and mental distress and trauma.

I am also positive the strings of the universe are so strong and wide, that it was Z’s spirit that was picked out of life and brought comfort to my friend. It was not something like Z. It was Z. The same energy and shine and spirit that I gave birth to and raised is the exact same energy, shine, and spirit that went to Texas to bring comfort to the sick.

Our belief in God gives us heaven, a place for our spirits after we die. Our belief in science tells us energy can not be destroyed. These statements of faith and science reside in harmony.

My friend has known many people close to her that have passed. Her mother and her brother (for example). But it was Z that came to her bedside for comfort. That is the statement of faith.

I’ve not attended to my blog while I’ve had this event tossing around my mind. I’ve stopped and started it a couple of times, unsure how to articulate my resolution in all universal creation and works. Faith and Science.

Circling back to my prayers of intercession, I have two points. The first is that prayer is tantamount to sending energy into the universe. Whether a believer in God or not, we all do the same thing: prayers, good vibes, thoughts, hopes – it’s all energy we project for the goodness and benefit of others. Some people have more specific name for it and I’m not going to judge the label. I asked for and intercession and one was received.

The second point is this: I’m fairly certain this is the first time Z has done something that I’ve asked her to do without nagging. FINALLY. I mean, really. Z did noting without being asked (reminded?) several times. That in itself is practically a miracle.

3 thoughts on “The Intersection of Faith and Science

  1. scottjohnsonphotograph June 5, 2018 / 620186America/Detroit

    Being more on the faith side, I am in awe, a true believer, but mostly I am greatly comforted.
    “She had the most peaceful look about her”- Jean

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  2. Anonymous June 5, 2018 / 620186America/Detroit

    As always..well said..

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  3. Renetta June 6, 2018 / 620186America/Detroit

    Comforting thoughts for all of us.

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